Elaborate 45 inch Feather Tree

Elaborate 45 inch Feather Tree
The largest of the table top feather trees, the 45" tree makes a holiday statement to collectors. It has 7 rows of branches and 25" diameter. There are 12 side limbs on the bottom three rows of branches to make a total of 36 side limbs. The tree is available in dark green, mint green and winter white.
Choose a square base with a red/green holly stencil, a white base with a gold band or a red base with a gold band. Also available in a round base in either white or red with a gold band. The 45" tree also available in Standard version with 7 rows, 20" diameter and NO side limbs.
Elaborate square base price: $290.00
Standard square base price: $194.00

Elaborate round base price: $305.00
Standard round base price: $209.00
For special seasonal colours please add $15.00 to the above price.



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