Patriotic Santa / Santa in Blue

Patriotic Santa / Santa in Blue

What santa collection is complete without a patriotic santa? Our santa wears a blue coat and hat decorated with small gold paper stars. His pants are faded red and his boots are black. His belt is leather or suede and his beard his wool. In the muslin pack on his back you'll find a bottle brush tree, wrapped packages, a duck and lamb, (made by Twins Feather Trees, Inc.), American flags, a small book, and pine cones. The santa also carries switches, for the children who didn't behave, a large antiqued flag and jingle bells. We display this santa during the Christmas season as well as the partriotic holidays. He is a handsome addition to any collection.

The santa standing on a mound of snow wears a blue coat and hat trimmed in antiqued cotton, and a string belt. His beard is wool. The small lamb in his arm is made in Cincinnati, Ohio by Twins Feather Trees. The santa carries a feather sprig. He is about 17' tall.

Patriotic Santa Price: $185.00
Blue Santa w/lamb Price: $110.00



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