Santa Candy Containers

Santa Candy Containers
The Germans produced some of the most beautiful santas ever made. That's not to say
that santas made today by very talented artists don't deserve recognition, but considering what the German cottage worker had for supplies and tools, it's easy to see why people are charmed by these simple works of art.
We make our santas in the German tradition so they will resemble their antique cousins.
The two pictured here are candy containers which means the feet pull away from the body to reveal a hidden compartment where candy and treats can be hidden.
The taller santa wears a brown wooly coat and hat and his boots are black.
The other santa we call the
'Victorian santa' wears a faded purple coat with collar and a leather belt. He carries a small bag of bottle brush trees and red berries. Their beards are rabbit fur and both carry feather sprigs.
Brown wooly santa (13" H.) $98.00

Victorian Santa (9 1/2" H.) $83.00



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