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The Original Feather Trees - Since 1984


The trees in this section are pre-lit which gives the
buyer the option of not having to string lights
on a feather tree. We use two different kinds
of lights.

Generally the feather trees have the C-6 sockets and light
bulbs and the cotton trees are designed for the
mini lights. However, I have attached mini lights to feather
tree branches also.

The lights on the feather trees are wired in the same way
the trees in the 1930's and 40's were wired; in series.
There are 8, 9, or 10 bulbs in a series and if one bulb goes
out, all the lights in that series goes out. But with only a
few lights in any one series, it is not difficult to figure out
which bulb is burned out. The C-6 bulbs come in
red, blue, white, green and gold. The bulbs are included in the price
of the tree as well as 5 extra bulbs and a table top dimmer
so the lights can be dimmed.

The cotton trees use the mini lights only, no C-6 sockets, and if
one light goes out, the others stay on. There are clear bulbs
and orange bulbs (for the Halloween tree). Five extra
bulbs are included with the tree plus a table top dimmer.

We include the dimmer because not only do the
lights burn cooler, but the effect is more pleasing. And
quite honestly, the bulbs will last a whole lot longer when
using a dimmer.

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45" Pre-Lit Antique Green Feather Tree


45" Pre-Lit Traditional Green Feather Tree


36" Pre-Lit White Cotton Feather Tree


45" Pre-Lit White Cotton Feather Tree


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