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The Original Feather Trees - Since 1984


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Sharen and I made our first feather tree that wasn’t
related to the Christmas season around 1994. It
was a patriotic tree and became popular with
our customers. Then we made the Halloween trees.
Another hit!

This category features trees that can be used
throughout the year to celebrate all
holidays. After all, why stop after Christmas?

24" Full Pastel Blue Feather Tree

24" Full Pastel Yellow Feather Tree

24" Full Pastel Spring Green Feather Tree

24" Full Pastel Pink Feather Tree

18" Halloween Feather Tree


36 Pre-Lit Black Cotton Tree


36" Black Feather Tree


30" Autumn Splendor Feather Tree

Dark Tan Feather Tree

30" Patriotic Feather Tree

36" Pre-lit Patriotic Feather Tree

Valentines Feather Tree


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